COVID-19 Updates

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As COVID-19 has disrupted so many areas of our daily lives, finding accurate information has become increasingly difficult. In an effort to help we have put this resource together that sources information, in near real time, about COVID-19. Currently we are sourcing information through Twitter from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the GA Department of Public Health. We will add more sources of information moving forward.

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There are several local resources available during this time.  You can see a full list of those here.

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – July 07 2021 13:00:24

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Some people with disabilities and certain underlying health conditions are at higher risk for #COVID19. Learn how a health equity project is providing critical information to […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – July 07 2021 12:30:21

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Almost everyone in the U.S. lives within 5 miles of a #COVID19 vaccination site. Ways to find a COVID-19 vaccine near you: 🔍 Search 📱 […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – July 07 2021 09:05:05

Also available in: Español (Spanish)The best #COVID19 vaccine is any one that’s available to you. Don’t wait for a specific brand. All three currently authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines are […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – July 06 2021 11:10:43

Also available in: Español (Spanish)In a new @CDCMMWR, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends everyone 12 & older get a #COVID19 vaccine. The benefits of vaccination in preventing illness […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – July 04 2021 11:00:47

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Summer’s here & the water’s fine! Get vaccinated against #COVID19 before visiting pools & beaches. If you’re not fully vaccinated: • Stay 6 ft from people […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – July 03 2021 13:47:02

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Trusted polio outreach teams pivoted to distribute lifesaving #COVID19 education materials & hand soap to people in rural Afghanistan. Read how Afghanistan’s Polio Program is supporting […]

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