COVID-19 Updates

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As COVID-19 has disrupted so many areas of our daily lives, finding accurate information has become increasingly difficult. In an effort to help we have put this resource together that sources information, in near real time, about COVID-19. Currently we are sourcing information through Twitter from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the GA Department of Public Health. We will add more sources of information moving forward.

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There are several local resources available during this time.  You can see a full list of those here.

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 19 2021 16:16:02

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Youth sports administrators & coaches: CDC has a toolkit to protect teams & players and communicate with your community during #COVID19. Find guidance and planning documents, […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 19 2021 13:14:05

Also available in: Español (Spanish)While Johnson & Johnson’s #COVID19 Vaccine remains paused, you can still get the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccine. If you were scheduled to get the J&J vaccine, […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 19 2021 12:20:05

Also available in: Español (Spanish)#DYK CDC works with state, territorial, local, and tribal public health experts to provide #COVID19 solutions to advance health equity around the country? Learn more: […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 19 2021 11:17:03

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Join today’s CDC #COVID19 Partner Update Call at 3:00 pm EDT, “When to Clean, When to Disinfect, and What Science Says about SARS-CoV-2 on Surfaces.” Retweet […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 18 2021 14:53:03

Also available in: Español (Spanish)If you need to use public transportation, take steps to protect yourself and others from #COVID19. Stay up-to-date with information from transit authorities, #WearAMask, avoid touching […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 17 2021 16:19:00

Also available in: Español (Spanish)CDC’s Commander Erin Sauber-Schatz shares how watching people take steps to prevent #COVID19 inspires her. Do your part: #WearAMask. Stay at least 6 ft apart. Avoid […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 17 2021 12:01:04

Also available in: Español (Spanish)It’s allergy season. #COVID19 & seasonal allergies share some symptoms, but not others. Use this chart to compare the symptoms of COVID-19 & seasonal allergies so […]

COVID-19 Update from the CDC – April 16 2021 17:00:12

Also available in: Español (Spanish)Despite more Americans being vaccinated every day, #COVID19 cases and hospitalizations are increasing in some parts of the country. Cases are increasing among young people who […]

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