Coastal Plain BBQ Lunch Specials

Sandwiches and Specials
HL’s Talkin’ Taco-Pulled Pork Street Taco, Coleslaw and Peach Siracha Sauce $3.00
BBQ Pork Sandwich-Pulled Pork+Pickles $4.75
BBQ Chicken Sandwich-Pulled Chicken+Pickles $4.75


Plates – comes with 2 Sides, Bread and a DrinkToday’s Sides are: Smoked Mac-n-Cheese, Green Beans and Baked Beans
Ribs $11.50
Pork $10.00
Chicken $9.00


Sides and Extras
Cup of Stew $4.00
Pint of Stew $7.00
Chips $1.00
Bottled Drink $1.25


Homemade Sides
Smoked Mac-n-Cheese $2.50
Green Beans $2.50
Baked Beans $2.50


Pound of Pork $11.00
Pound of Chicken $10.00
Quart of Stew $12.50
Gallon of Stew $42.00